Our Heritage

Bank of Crockett has a long history of service to the people of Crockett County. Established in 1887 and opening for business in the Spring of 1888, we are the oldest bank in the county. The main office has always been located on Main Street in Bells. Before the middle 1900's, we had added a branch in Crockett Mills, Tennessee and acquired the Peoples Exchange Bank in Gadsden, Tennessee. These three offices served our communities and surrounding areas until 1996 when we had an opportunity to purchase two separately owned branches in Alamo, Tennessee.

Our bank is owned by Security Bancorp of Tennessee, Inc. based in Halls, Tennessee. This holding company also owns Security Bank, Dyersburg, Tennessee, Bank of Halls, Halls, Tennessee, and Gates Banking & Trust Company, Gates, Tennessee and is affiliated with the Bank of Jackson, Jackson, Tennessee, and Patriot Bank, Shelby County, Tennessee.

The Bank of Crockett has always taken pride in being able to meet the financial needs of our customers, including the business and health care organizations in our target area. We have a long history of support of the agribusiness' within our county and continue to make numerous agricultural related loans each year. Continuing to provide services and financial products to meet the needs of our customers and potential customers remains one of our goals. The quality of our service is reflected in the products we offer, our business hours, and our locations of branches and ATM's. The bank staff includes dedicated and responsible employees who, in turn, are able to provide quality customer service.

Realizing that we are in business to make a profit, we strive to maximize our total earnings over the long term. When necessary, we may sacrifice short-term earnings to produce higher profits in the future.

Our standing in the community is important too, and we will not take actions which are against the best interests of our communities, its businesses or its families. We acknowledge our duties as a responsible corporate citizen and a business leader.

We propose to continue to operate with the high standards we have set for ourselves. We are interested in serving our customers with the latest technology, and we continue to educate ourselves as well as our market area as new products and services come available. Realizing the need to keep costs down, even while offering advanced service, we intend to solicit through our market area the funds needed to grow our assets while expecting a return of approximately 1.3%. While increasing our deposit base, by offering competitive rates along with our traditional standard of customer service, we plan to also seek and maintain a level of quality loans, including mortgage, commercial and agricultural to keep us at our acceptable 55% to 70% ratio of loans to deposits.

Finally as we head into the new century, we will maintain our high level of excellence, while meeting the needs of our customers and communities. By focusing on the improvements that are available to us, we hope to carry our bank, our customers and our county to a rewarding future in the twenty first century.